Loss of Blue

At twenty-three, Jake’s had everyone in town—almost.  But he’s bored and dreams of a life somewhere far from the Midwestern fishbowl that holds him captive.  So, when a beautiful girl from Redondo Beach asks him to move to California, he leaps at the opportunity. She’s running away from a life she can’t stand, and he’s running toward a new life in Los Angeles.


As their friendship blossoms, Jake realizes that she’s everything he’s ever wanted, but her problems follow them to California and keep them apart.  He vows to remain patient, and wait for the storm to pass, but an afternoon at Nick Castor’s changes everything. 

On the sun-sparkled patio behind Nick’s sprawling Pacific Palisades house, Jake meets a woman who was going to be a Hollywood movie star, but that was fifteen years ago and all she has left are the memories of how close she came to her dream.  Until she meets Jake and rediscovers her love affair with everything that made her come to Los Angeles in the first place.


However, just as Jake begins to build the life he’s always wanted, something happens that makes him realize you can’t always get what you want, and he is forced to make a devastating choice that changes everyone forever.

Set against the glamorous backdrop of Southern California, this gripping, fast-paced love story will take you on an emotional ride up and down the Pacific Coast Highway and through the sparkling, sun-kissed cities in and around Los Angeles that you won’t soon forget.


© 2016 by Mike Montrose.