Finding the Break

A Surfer's Anthology

"Those fleeting moments are where surfing transforms from the tangible, to the intrinsic.  Where surfing becomes a part of who we are and makes us realize that what we are doing isn’t just about dropping into waves with our friends, but about something more." - Finding the Break

Finding the Break is a collection of six stories that deal with a variety of emotional issues.  Hardship, loss, redemption, perseverance, heartbreak, and hope are all represented as these stories unfold and the characters work to plaster the cracks in their lives, formed from the weight of events that affect us all at some point in our lives.

In this anthology, I explore common fears and heavy burdens that we hesitate to tell anyone about, yet carry dutifully throughout our lives.  Through these stories, I hope the reader gains insight into how surfing makes all of these things easier to bear.

These stories are about finding hope in hopeless situations and discovering a way to laugh when it feels like your world is crumbling apart.  These stories are about life.  But they are also about the way a wave feels under your board, and how that feeling can set you free.

These stories are about Finding the order to find your way back.


© 2016 by Mike Montrose.