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Hello and welcome to my website!

I'm Murray Lee, the author of Loss of Blue and it's companion novel, Traces of Blue. In addition, I've written an anthology of surf-themed stories called, Finding the Break, which is a collection of short stories without the spice but an equal amount of heart and realism.


Why do I write provocative love stories set in California?  I blame Alan Cartnal.


Back in 1999, I read his book, California Crazy, and it changed me. I used to sit in my favorite reading chair and dream of a place filled with such excitement and beauty, that it seemed to have been cast from John Martin's painting, The Plains of Heaven. So, as a tribute to his book and how it compelled me, as a young man, to move to Los Angeles and explore the "glimmer capital of the world," I've created these stories. 


Please, explore my website and be sure to follow me on social media for all my latest content.


Thank you!




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