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My Bio?  Hmmm.  I’m never sure what to write about myself.  I always feel like I need to begin with “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”  And no, I won’t participate in self-indulgence and spill forth the rest of that monster sentence!  But, that's my problem.  I've always wanted to include everything about everything.  I've spent my life wanting to iterate grand stories of tragedy and triumphs, polar opposites, and vague and mysterious people (myself included).  I've struggled to be succinct.  I struggled as much drafting the bio for my application to law school, as I did for the personal section of my very first job application. It’s comforting to know that certain things in life remain static.

All I can say is that I possess an undying love for a good story.  Put simply, I love books.  Whether it’s a biography or a salacious, guilty-pleasure novel, as long as there is a good story with compelling characters, this guy is sold!

I remember the first book that spoke to me.  Little Toot.  You know, that wonderful, centimeter-thick Golden Books classic.  I know, you’re thinking I’m being silly.  But as ridiculous as that might sound, it’s true.  It was a page turner for me.  I taught myself how to read when I was three years old and as I read that particular book, something struck me.  I was Little Toot!  Work with me here, I wasn’t able to distinguish between existence and aspiration at such a young age.  But I knew I wanted to be exactly like Little Toot.  I wanted to be undeniably myself, and to have that matter and be enough.  I wanted to help others.  I wanted to rise above everything that might stand in my way.

I wanted to make my journey through this world matter.  And along the way, I realized that we all do, to some degree or another, no matter what we do or who we are.  We all matter. 

I matter to to those who love me and those who tolerate me.  But seriously, I allow my passion for the human condition to guide me as I write my stories.  They are fiction, but they are also true.  They are my life and they are everybody’s life.  I hope you can find yourself in my stories, even if the emotional parallels are fleeting. 

I’ll leave you with this.  I write for those moments when we are not surrounded by noise, or the clamor of the world.  I write for that tiny voice inside that we all possess.  The voice that says, “Love is beautiful.  Life is beautiful.”  The voice that makes the heart believe it is a little boy reading a Golden Book on a bed with Star Wars sheets and a second-hand wool blanket.

The voice that tells us that we all matter.

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