06-15-20 NEW cover Finding the Break Sur
Finding the Break
A Surfer's Anthology

Surfing isn't merely a hobby. Sometimes it’s everything.

"Those fleeting moments are where surfing transforms from tangible to intrinsic. Where surfing becomes a part of who we are and makes us realize that what we’re doing isn’t just about dropping into waves with our friends but about something more." - Finding the Break

Finding the Break is a collection of six stories that show how the ocean and surfing can diminish negative emotions and increase positive ones. Fear, anger, sadness, and joy are revealed as the stories unfold and characters work to plaster the cracks formed from the weight of significant events that affect us all at some point in our lives.

These stories are about finding hope in hopeless situations and discovering ways to laugh when it feels like your world is crumbling apart.  They're about life. And they’re about the way a wave feels under your board, and how that feeling can set you free.

These stories are about Finding the Break...to find your way back.

04-02-2021 Loss of Blue NEW Cover - FINA
Loss of Blue 


Jake’s had everyone in town—almost.

Jake Lindemar is one of the most popular guys in town, but he’s bored and dreams of a life far away from the Midwestern town that holds him captive. So, when a beautiful transplant from Redondo Beach, asks him to move to Los Angeles, he leaps at the opportunity. Madison is everything he’s ever wanted but has a problem that follows them to California.

Shortly after they arrive in Los Angeles, Jake meets Amanda Christian. She was almost a Hollywood movie star but that was fifteen years ago and all she has left are a few scattered, faded memories until an erotic encounter on the beach with Jake reignites her glittering sparkle.

But just when everything seems to be falling into place, something unexpected happens and Jake realizes you can’t always get what you want and makes a devastating decision that changes everyone forever.

Set against the glamorous backdrop of Southern California, Loss of Blue is a sexy, heartfelt love story about colliding hearts and missed opportunities that reminds us that timing is everything.

This book is intended for mature audiences.

04-02-2021 Traces of Blue Cover - FINAL
Traces of Blue

Jake thinks he’s left the turmoil behind but it's only just beginning.

Traces of Blue begins shortly after Loss of Blue ends and is filled with surf girls, familiar Southern California landmarks, and that same beautiful boy from the middle-of-nowhere, Jake Lindemar.

Just when it seems like Jake’s dreams have finally come true, a new friendship threatens everything when a lie is told, and a face from his past reminds him that broken hearts can last a very long time.

Prepare to be swept away by this sexy, heart-bursting story of friendship and how we become who we always were.

Find out what happens next to the beautiful boy from the middle-of-nowhere in this gripping story of new beginnings and haunted pasts.

This book is intended for mature audiences.